Hi, from me

I have decided to start a new blog on a different site as this looks more like what I am after. I am just going to ramble on about different things and what we get up to.

Today was gymnastics as it is every Tuesday. It is an hour long and my son gets a lot from it and loves going and counts down the days until the next lesson. My daughter tried it but was not so keen but I am sure she will find something she enjoys. We are all different after all and if she does not like it I will not push her into doing it as she will get upset.

After gymnastics we went to East Town park which has a new play area with new equipment much better than what was there, the only down side is that the shop is only open on weekends or half term but we still enjoy going. There are nice walks to go on and wildlife to spot. The weather was not as warm as it has been so we did not stay long but they had a good play all the same.

When we got home we looked at some spellings which is new to us as we are unschooling and go with the flow but I thought would be good to start them but shall see how it goes. I want them to naturally love learning and not feel like being forced into it. I look and ask for lots of advice from groups on Facebook and from friends. They have access to hundreds of books and various websites that they have subscriptions to, on different subjects as well as magazine subscriptions and science packs that come through the post.

As well as all of this I managed to mow both the front and back gardens and water the seeds we have set in trays and are waiting to grow. Our children love flowers and wildlife and they help fill up all the bird feeders we have and choose the seeds, nuts and fat balls and different feeders to attract different birds. It is all natural learning and something they enjoy doing.

We have three rabbits and two guinea pigs and they often sit beside their runs and talk to them and feed they dandelions and ask how the are. Inside we have a hamster and they talk to her and look after her as well.

It is getting late so a film will be chosen soon to watch before bed. Ghostbusters seems top of the list at the moment. They watch a lot of films and talk about the content and what was good and bad in their opinions and whether the book was better or whether they want to read the book to compare them. We use Netflix, BBCiPlayer and Disney Life as well as others to find suitable films and of course YouTube which we watch together.

I am waffling on again so had better stop as still so much to do and plan for tomorrow. Lots of ideas of things to do and places to go.